The Clinging, Fire


The Clinging. Perseverance furthers.

It brings success.

Care of the cow brings good fortune.


That which is bright rises twice:

The image of Fire.

Thus the great man, by perpetuating this brightness,

Illumines the four quarters of the world.

6. The king uses him to march forth and chastise. Then it is best to kill the leaders And take captive the followers. No blame.

5. Tears in floods, sighing and lamenting. Good fortune.

4. Its coming is sudden; It flames up, dies down, is thrown away.

3. In the light of the setting sun, Men either beat the pot and sing Or loudly bewail the approach of old age. Misfortune.

2. Yellow light. Supreme good fortune.

1. The footprints run crisscross. If one is seriously intent, no blame.