Revolution (Molting)


Revolution. On your own day

You are believed.

Supreme success,

Furthering through perseverance.

Remorse disappears.


Fire in the lake: the image of Revolution.

Thus the superior man

Sets the calendar in order

And makes the seasons clear.

6. The superior man changes like a panther. The inferior man molts in the face. Starting brings misfortune. To remain persevering brings good fortune.

5. The great man changes like a tiger. Even before he questions the oracle He is believed.

4. Remorse disappears. Men believe him. Changing the form of government brings good fortune.

3. Starting brings misfortune. Perseverance brings danger. When talk of revolution has gone the rounds three times, One may commit himself, And men will believe him.

2. When one's own day comes, one may create revolution. Starting brings good fortune. No blame.

1. Wrapped in the hide of a yellow cow.