The Marrying Maiden



The Marrying Maiden.

Undertakings bring misfortune.

Nothing that would further.


Thunder over the lake:

The image of the Marrying Maiden.

Thus the superior man

Understands the transitory

In the light of the eternity of the end.

6. The woman holds the basket, but there are no fruits in it. The man stabs the sheep, but no blood flows. Nothing that acts to further.

5. The sovereign I gave his daughter in marriage. The embroidered garments of the princess Were not as gorgeous As those of the servingmaid. The moon that is nearly full Brings good fortune.

4. The marrying maiden draws out the allotted time. A late marriage comes in due course.

3. The marrying maiden as a slave. She marries as a concubine.

2. A one-eyed man who is able to see. The perseverance of a solitary man furthers.

1. The marrying maiden as a concubine. A lame man who is able to tread. Undertakings bring good fortune.